Being anti fragile; Digital nomads; Fun

Milk, No Sugar #252

Hello, Substack.

I started this newsletter back in January 2016 because I was building newsletters at work and spotted an opportunity for a treatment with design thinking at the front.

I didn’t have targets or growth goals, just wanted to keep people informed – the tagline after all is “remove small talk, one newsletter at a time.”

What I’ve come to realise over the years is that my chosen platform – despite allowing me to remove small talk – has not removed the time blocker that producing something like this takes.

Which is why I’m testing out a switch from Mailchimp to Substack.

I hope that this platform allows Milk, No Sugar to thrive, grow, encourage discussion and allow an easier production.

So I suppose this week’s lesson is to not be afraid of trying new things. What can you test out this week that’s been hanging on your mind?

As always, I’m keen to hear your thoughts.

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Some things to read


Live an anti fragile way of life

We’ve all had our resilience tested not only this year but in the past week, that’s for sure. How can we build ourselves up to best cater for these drastic swings in circumstances and mood? Being anti fragile is a really nice method, where we look to bounce back from adversity in a way that makes us stronger, not weaker.

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Digital nomads didn’t prepare for this

Oh boy, it was the life wasn’t it? Pitching up in Bali, working from some overpriced underpaying cafe where you could dial in remotely to your web design job. Digital nomadism in 2019 was looking like the way to live for the modern day millennial, but that’s been turned upside down. Where are they now?

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What was fun?

Remember when we used to do stuff… in public? I think that was called fun. Concerts, dancing, bowling, whatever? Forgive the existential tone of this article, but it is in jest. It brings into question the stuff we now fill our days with and whether, you know, we’re all becoming a little bit boring.

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A little bonus

Something to listen to

How to succeed by being authentic
This is an interview with everyone’s favourite overpriced supermarket Wholefood’s CEO John Mackey. I really enjoyed this one, mainly because of Mackey’s journey – he’s very much a hippy at heart, and has taken Wholefoods from an alternative shop that people sneer at to being acquired by Amazon and popping up on all of our high streets.

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